Silicone Parts

We manufacture silicone plugs, caps and a multitude of silicone parts that are ideal for protecting and masking parts that are subjected to painting, electroplating, powder coating, anodising, plating or high temperature chemical processes. Specially formulated, they do not contain any dyes that may emerge at high temperatures.

Silicone Caps

Made of translucent silicone, reusable and highly resistant to the temperature of 575° F. Specially designed to protect screws, bolts or studs that are not to be coated or painted.

Plugs with Handle

Specially designed to withstand stress upon installation, reusable and ideal for masking threads or drill holes. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 550° F.


Silicone Plugs

Specially designed to cover a wide variety of reusable and translucent sizes, with the ability to withstand temperature extremes up to 575° F.

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